Antep Kitchen

  • Delivery time 45 min
  • Halal

Menu Antep Kitchen

When you run around and feel like Turkish food, we think you should come by us at Antep Kitchen. Our well-assorted menu card gives you a good opportunity to put together exactly the meal you would like. For example, you could start with one of our delicious appetizers, all of which make sure your meal starts well. Once you have eaten your starter, we have a large selection of delicious dishes. You can choose to mix your own meal, but if you want a meal that is already composed, so you are sure to get something that fits together, then we have put together a lot of delicious sushi menus that range from having a size you can eat yourself, to have a size you probably will not get through without sharing. We also offer the seasonal menu. This menu is composed to suit the current season, and that way you are always sure to hit right. If you need a light and delicious lunch, we also offer a lunch menu that you will definitely love!

About Antep Kitchen

At Antep Kitchen we love Turkish cuisine, and therefore they always do their best to show you some of the best of what Turkish food has to offer. We always work with fresh, high-quality ingredients so that your taste buds are truly pampered. We love to treat our customers with an exquisite dining experience, which at the same time is prepared quickly, so you do not have to sit and waste time waiting for your food. Create an order easily and quickly via our website or make it even easier for yourself by downloading our free app via the App Store or Google Play. Then you can just find your mobile and send an order to us immediately.

Restaurant location Antep Kitchen

Antep Kitchen is located in the heart of Milton Keynes, where we have for many years been the city's favorite restaurant with our very special location. We are located nearby to Milton Keynes with good parking facilities. We’re also always available to deliver your favorite dishes. Our address is RP 1 Stratford Rd, Wolverton, Milton Keynes MK12 5LJ!

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